NAA Launches New Data Campaign

NAA has launched a different way to look at apartment data through their site

The centerpiece of this campaign is a unique digital approach to information storytelling. Instead of a static infographic, the site navigates users through an interactive experience that highlights how communities grow stronger through apartment jobs, dollars and residents.

Some data points from the site:

  • 35 Million Apartment Residents
  • 1/3 of Americans rent their homes
  • 1/2 of all new households this decade will rent
  • 1/3 of renters live in apartments
  • 7 Million new households by 2020
  • It take 300,000 new apartments each year to meet demand but only 157,000 were built in 2012
  • There are 19.3 Million apartments
  • 27% (5 – 9 units) / 26% (10-19 units) / 20% (20-49 units) / 20% (50+ units)
  • 52.3 Billion is spent on groceries from apartment resident each year

Apartment Data


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