How to Pay Rent Online

One-third of Americans currently rent in the United State yet a small percentage of these renters have the ability to pay rent online. There are a variety of reasons to pay rent online including:

  • Paying rent online allows renters to save time by automatically paying rent each month
  • No more money spent on stamps and late fees
  • Convenience of paying via ACH or Credit Card
  • Can pay rent on the go with any smart mobile device

There are also a variety of benefits for landlords to accept rent payment online:

  • Save time by having money automatically deposited into bank account
  • Lower stress by knowing exactly when your next rent payment will be in the bank
  • Increase resident satisfaction by giving renters the ability to pay rent online

If you are looking to begin paying your rent online, follow these simple instructions

  1. Contact your landlord and have them set you up on a rent payment program. They can use a variety of services including,, paylease, and many others.
  2. Once landlord is set up, an email will be sent to you to set up your account
  3. Add your account number and routing number for ACH payments
  4. Add your credit card if you want to pay via credit card
  5. Set up one time or reoccurring payments
  6. Sit back and relax, no more worrying about late rental payments

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