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ApartmentList Launches App for Roommate Search


ApartmentList has launched a new app to disrupt the roommate search space. recently launched a new mobile app to make it easy to find a roommate. The app works like this:

  1. Set up a profile within seconds by connecting to Facebook
  2. The technology anonymously find matches, send messages, and figure out next steps
  3. Connect with potential roommates when you want

The service is currently available in SF, Boston, NY, Chicago and LA.

ApartmentList is one of the fastest growing rental search companies in the World and AIMs to offer a better search solution than Craigslist. The company did $10MM in revenue in 2012 and anticipates 18 – 20MM in revenue in 2013.

NAA Launches New Data Campaign

NAA has launched a different way to look at apartment data through their site

The centerpiece of this campaign is a unique digital approach to information storytelling. Instead of a static infographic, the site navigates users through an interactive experience that highlights how communities grow stronger through apartment jobs, dollars and residents.

Some data points from the site:

  • 35 Million Apartment Residents
  • 1/3 of Americans rent their homes
  • 1/2 of all new households this decade will rent
  • 1/3 of renters live in apartments
  • 7 Million new households by 2020
  • It take 300,000 new apartments each year to meet demand but only 157,000 were built in 2012
  • There are 19.3 Million apartments
  • 27% (5 – 9 units) / 26% (10-19 units) / 20% (20-49 units) / 20% (50+ units)
  • 52.3 Billion is spent on groceries from apartment resident each year

Apartment Data


PropertyWare Launches Inspection Tool

PropertyWare, a rental services company owned by Real Page, has released a new mobile inspection tool for property managers.

Property Solutions Inspection Tool

The tool makes it easy for property managers to complete their inspections faster. The tool has a variety of features including the ability to:

  • View and schedule new inspections
  • Locate directions to the property
  • Capture and post unlimited photos
  • Follow the included Inspections checklist point by point
  • Add comments and notes
  • Get full functionality even when out of service range
  • Sync inspections reports

A big challenge for some property managers is the ability to get through inspections quickly and have an easy way to pull up inspection for the property owners or for the tenant when lease is up. This tool helps to simplify that process.

Box Storage On-demand with Boxbee

With limited storage space in most apartments, it is a pain and expensive to pack your stuff in boxes, rent a truck, drive to your nearest storage facility, unpack, drop off the rental truck and then do the same thing all over again when you need something that is in one of the many boxes you packed in no particular order. Boxbee, the storage on-demand company solves these frustrations.

Here is how it works:


  1. First schedule your pickup on the web or mobile.
  2. Stay where you are, Boxbee comes to you within 2 hours.
  3. Your boxes stay in storage, happy until you need them.
  4. Each box is tagged, with images you view online.
  5. Click to return the box you need within 2 hours.

The service is currently in beta and is currently offering the service in San Francisco. Each box that is picked-up will cost $3 per month.

Package Concierge Aims to Solve the Apartment Package Problem

It is estimated that apartment communities receive over 20,000 packages per year. If you live in an apartment community, you most likely have experienced the frustration of not being able to receive your package after hours, not receiving your package at all, or receiving your package days after it has arrived at the front desk. A start-up called Package Concierge aims to solve these challenges.

package concierge

Residents can order their package online, the package is delivered to the apartment community locker, resident receives text message with unique pass-code and resident removes their package. The resident can remove the package at any hour. 24 hours a day.

The software and hardware solution allows packages to be delivered into secure electronic lockers located at a convenient on-site location. Internationally renowned carriers such as FedEx, DHL and UPS can make deliveries directly to the lockers, effectively removing this responsibility from management’s to-do list.

Package Concierge was founded in Dec 2012 and most of the management team comes from EverGreen Solutions and Real Page. EverGreen was sold to Real Page in 2009.

Competition is fierce however. There are other services helping residents receive their packages. Amazon has a service called Amazon Locker, which provides an alternative to receive Amazon packages. These machines are mostly located in 7-11’s throughout the US but currently only offers packages from purchases ordered from Amazon.

Amazon Locker


There is a very big need for these types of services to be onsite at the community level and Package Concierge may just have the first mover advantage to get into these facilities before other services do.

DoNotRent for Apartment Reviews

Dnotrent is taking a unique approach to apartment reviews. They not only proactively show the trending apartments with positive reviews, they also show the trending apartments with negative reviews.

Apartment Reviews

The apartment review space is competitive. There are specific vertical sites like ApartmentRatings, RentAdvisor,, rentersvoice, and broader reviews sites like Yelp, Google Plus, Yellow pages, etc.

DoNotRent is a bit different than the other apartment review sites by taking a proactive approach in letting their users know which apartment communities they recommend on renting. Will be interesting to see how this pans out and how donotrent intends to monetize the traffic.

Rental Kharma Aims to Ensure Rentals Receive Good Credit

Rental KharmaOn average, a renter spends approximately $12,000 a year on rent. In 2012, the national median household income in the US was $45,000. Even though the average American spends roughly 25% of their income on rental housing, and if they pay on time, it does not positively affect their credit.

Rental Kharma aims to change this. Rental Kharma helps you report your rent payments to the credit bureaus. For $10 you can report up to two years of past rent payments. The system reports to TransUnion and in the future will be reporting to other credit bureaus. Renters can verify their rent through their bank, property manager or check receipts from each month.

Zillow Launches New Rental App for iPad

Zillow recently announced their new rental app for the iPad. In a linkedIn post, David Vivero, Zillow’s VP of Rentals, says,  “Big launch. Our @Zillow Rentals app for iPad is beautiful.” In fact, it is.

The Zillow for Rentals iPad has over 600,000 rental listings and helps renters compare their favorites side by side, draw their preferred neighborhoods on a map and see nearby amenities. Most likely, the recent acquisition helped to supply some of the rental content as well. The real estate mobile space is heating up and both Trulia and Zillow are rolling out new mobile features and apps quarterly.

Zillow Rentals

Zillow launches rental for iPad